Affiliate Programs lists the most popular categories of affiliate programs that make you the most money. Click on the category to bring up a list of programs and descriptions. 100Kaffiliates checks all listings for scams and other ways to rip you off. Never give a company money unless you are paying for a drop shipping service. Most affiliate programs take little to no cash to start up. Remember you are selling their products or getting them sales leads.

  • Adult Programs

    »» Sex sells, we all know it. Might as well make a little cash off it legally on the net.
  • Amazon

    »» Sell other peoples products and get a commission off it.
  • Domain Markets

    »» Buy and Sell domain names
  • Ebay

    »» Sell your own products in online auctions
  • Online Gambling

    »» Get paid for signing up memberships with online gambling sites
  • Pay Per Click(PPC)

    »» Add pay per click advertisement to your web sites
  • Pay Per Lead

    »» Get paid for every email address you sign up(mortgages, sales leads, etc.)