Build Traffic to your web site

The phrase from Field of Dreams 'if you build it, they will come' has no meaning when building a web site. If you don't build traffic to your site, no one will ever find it. provides you an introductory guide to the most practiced ways of building traffic to your web sites.

1. SEO Optimization

Check out 100Kaffiliates basic SEO guide for more information.

2. Write Internet Articles

Write articles and comment on people's blogs. Always include your web site url in the signature of your article/forum post. Internet forums are also a great way of generating traffic to your web site.

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3. Advertising Networks

There is many advertising networks out there that you can advertise your site on. Google and Yahoo both run great advertising networks that are well trusted and been around for a long time.

4. Deleted Domains

A practice that has popped up lately is buying deleted domains that already has a steady flow of traffic to them. This practice is most used in Adult Marketing.

5. Traffic Brokers

There is many traffic brokers out there promising tons of quality traffic. Research all traffic brokers before you sign up with one. There is many scams associated with this type of traffic, BEWARE!

6. Think out of the box

Always be on the look out for ways to generate traffic to your site. Starting with an affiliate program that you have interest in or are familiar with will help you "think out of the box".