What is Domaining?

Domaining is the practice of buying, selling and making money from domain names.

Making money with domains has been around since the 90's when the internet first started. For years and years people have been working behind the scenes of the world wide web capturing and taking names to make huge amounts of cash.

Making money with domains is easy and simple.

The easiest way is to practice monetized domain parking or the art of making money from type-in/typo traffic (people who visit web sites by typing/mistyping in words on web browser address bar).

What you do is that you’ll place Adsense or other types of Pay Per Click ads (based on the domain’s keywords) on the domain you’ve just bought. You’ll make money when people click on the ads.

The amount is minimal but expands exponentially when you have a vast amount of domains parked. Quantity trumps quality when it comes to monetized domain parking.

An alternative method involves developing specific domains with potential in order to gain traffic while maximizing your ad selling potential. This can involve putting up a basic design along with content, while serving PPC and Pay Per Action ads.

Developed domains also have a higher resell value than undeveloped domains which are parked. In essence, domaining can be somewhat similar to real estate investing, in that it involves detailed appraisals as well as buying/selling and reselling of domains for profit.

I want to say that domaining is not a bad word. I think of it as the new stock market of the world. By owning that name, I own a piece of the internet.